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Hi Everyone at Hornee,
I use Hornee jeans as my work jeans as I ride every day. They look great, I am always getting comments from my clients.
They are warm and comfortable witch is important in this Melbourne weather.
I have not had the misfortune of coming off my scooter (I would not want to as it is too cute) but I am sure they would serve me well if it ever did happen.
Slinky Pinkies Loves Hornee Jeans.
Best Wishes.
Georgina Cooper - Slinky Pinkies

Hi Guys,
I bought a pair of your jeans a while ago and absolutely love them. I am part of a forum called OSB and I wrote a post about them. Since then I know of about 2 others that have bought Hornee jeans.
Anyway, if you care to see what was written click here. You do have to be a member to read the threads but once joined up you have access to everything and the details are all private (no mailing lists etc).
Thanks again for making such a fabulous product!
Kind Regards.
Evie Saunders

I have had some Hornee Jeans since the National Ducati Rally in Victoria in March 2006. I wear them every time I ride the bike on warm days and also wore them continuously on bikes during our trip to Italy.
Every time I wear them people comment on them and say how nice the look....especially girls. They think the other brands are too male orientated.
I have one friend with them also and another two looking at getting them. They are a great 'girlie' cut and look great. I haven't seen the men's ones yet but I am guessing they are great also.
Thank you Hornee for making me look good while being safer.
Sue Saxton

I have been riding for several years now and usually wore Draggin' Jeans when I wasn’t wearing my leathers, I bought a pair of your Hornee jeans and I must say that I am more than impressed and have not regretted it, they are a comfortable fit, stylish, feel unreal once on, and they make me feel safe, I have also converted a few friends, once they saw them on me they liked the look and style. You guy’s have come up with a great product, and I would not consider buying any other brand of riding jeans other than Hornee from now on, I will be buying a second pair soon, well done!!!
Jim Papas
Sydney, NSW, Australia

I picked up some Hornee Jeans a couple of months back and wear them everyday while riding. They look fantastic and the fabric feels awesome! The most comfortable jeans I own! I’ve crash tested them, Hit a car did a superman impression over the top of it then skidded and bounced down the road doing 60 km/h, and they did a fantastic job, no gravel rash at all! Did a fantastic job and I know I’ll be buying a second pair! And I’ll be keeping the first pair to wear around because they’re so comfortable!
Awesome product guys, you’re onto a winner!!"
James Duffield