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Stuntz Inc
Matt Mingay

The team riders at Stuntz Inc have now not only proved they are the BEST riders in the country and are the undisputed BEST Stuntriding team in Australia, but consist of the only full time professional Stunt riders in the Nation.

Stuntz Inc was founded by the Godfather of Stuntriding Matt Mingay many years ago  Stuntz Inc is a brand that every rider, kid and promoter want at their event, involved with or associated with.

The team consists of Matt Mingay, Robbie Bolger, Cam Ambridge, Scotty Gregory, Lukey Luke, Allan Morrison, and with sponsored athletes consisting of Scotty ”Üp4it” Norton and Team FTP we assure the crowds across the nation receive the best entertainment possible! Amongst the athletes there is quite a list of accolades between them including 5 World records, Movie Stunt doubles in every major hit movie made in Oz including Mission Impossible 2, Matrix 1&2, Superman, ScoobyDoo, 2007 Drift Australia Champion, Affiliates of a World recognised Stunt team, factory sponsored riders, 2008 Australian Stuntriding Champion and a Army Black hawk pilot just to name a few.

Track Record

Not only were the riders from Team Stuntz Inc the first Aussies to do crazy tricks such as the High chair wheelie, High chair 12 scrape wheelie, circle wheelies, Ralph Louies, Frogger circle wheelies just to name a few the team from Stuntz Inc are also hired to perform at EVERY major motorsport event in Australia including Formula 1, Moto-Gp, A1GP, Bathurst, Indy, World Superbikes, every V8 Supercar event, and many more (up to 36 events per year to be exact)

They are the chosen source of on track entertainment by promoters not only in Australia but countries such as China, NZ, Dubai, Malaysia, India and have also been voted best on track motorsport entertainment Australia wide 5 years running (AC Nelsons survey). Matt Mingay alone performs in front of more than 2.5 million people per year, so in total the Stuntz Inc crew performed to over 3.4 Million live viewers per year!

Did we mention they only wear Hornee Jeans;)