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Welcome Back Guy's...


Hornee Jeans would like to welcome back Raz, Rob, Andy and all participants  of "Riding for a Cause" from a worthy ride to the Northern Territory to help raise awarness about a very serious disease (Mens Mental Illness). 


The Hornee Jeans Team where honored to be a part of the cause, and look forward to participating and contributing in the future. Keep up the good work guy's!


Only 3 weeks to go, before we depart from Deus Cafe, and start our 6300km journey to Glen Helen Resort (Northern Territory) and back….

On the 5th of September, We’ll leave Sydney with a group of motorcycles riders, as part of the Black Dog Ride, a national initiative founded by Steve Andrews, of WA, to raise awareness of Depression and fight the stigma of mental illness.  Our Group – Riding4acause are raising awareness of Male Depression in particular, as we see our fellow men as least likely to be aware, and seek help.

We encourage, and would like to have as many motorcycle enthusiast to join us for the entire journey, and attend the main event in Glen Helen Resort, along with nearly 100 other people who’ve already registered for the ride. We do understand that it may be challenging for some to come for the 15 day ride, so how about a nice Sunday ride – come and send us off, and join us for half/full day ride through the Blue Mountains, have lunch with us in Bathurst, and go home!

Steve Andrews has sent an update to all the riders, which I think you should also read. Steve has done a great job organizing this ride, and we’re very happy we could work together with him, and join this ride.

Here it is:

Even before the ride gets under way we are helping to change people's lives. Below is just one example.

This is the first of what will be regular updates between now and when we hit the road on September 5. We have held off contacting you until now so we could finalise accommodation and event itineraries and give you as much up to date information as possible about the awesome adventure we are undertaking. 


Making a difference.

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Grommit’s Story

Hi Steve,

I had a total change of mind today, and I bought the Sunday Times, no real big deal for most households in Perth, but it has done me wonders.
The most important thing, I saw your BDR Ride mentioned in the Motor Cycle Upcoming Events article. I thought, that's what I need to do, get off my arse and do something, rather than have the Black dog control me, it’s time for me to take control.

Hence you will see I have registered for the ride, thankfully I have just over a month to get myself somewhere mobile, at 61, I am not too bad a shape, just need a bit,(read as a lot) of tidying up, and get off the grog!!

I have just bought a new Guzzi, and what a way to run it in!! I do have past experiences of doing long trips on a bike, due to me past work in the North West, so it will be good for me to get back to that, and feel the gratitude of doing a good few hours in the saddle, but more importantly this time for a good cause.

Maybe, if you live in Busselton, I could ride down to meet you before the event, as it would be good to catch up and have a chat.

All the best, regards from Chris, alias GROMMIT.


Group Rides - Perth and Sydney

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Our vision for the Ride to the Red Centre was to have group rides leaving from all capital cities and even some regional centres. So far there are riders from all States and Territories, except Tassie, who will be converging on Alice for our first function involving all riders on Friday September 10.

Full details of the Perth and Sydney Group Rides are now on the website. The Perth leg is led by Steve and Sydney by Raz from Riding4aCause who has done a fantastic job organising the Sydney ride. We encourage you to invite any mates or club members who ride, to join you at the launch of these rides and share the road with us for a while. The more bikes we have, the more impact we make in promoting our cause.  



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Many riders have started their own Everyday Hero Fundraising Page and are encouraging family, friends, work associates and businesses to donate in support of Black Dog Institute Exercise Your Mood Week. It's really easy to set up via the above link and a fun way for everyone to get involved in a great cause.


Exercise Your Mood Week

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BDR to the Red Centre was the first event registered for Exercise Your Mood Week, a national initiative by the Black Dog Institute. The Institute's mission is to advance the understanding, diagnosis and management of the mood disorders by continuously raising clinical, research, education and training standards.

More about Exercise Your Mood Week ....


Angry Ambassador

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Angry Anderson, our BDR Ambassador, will be at the Sydney launch of the ride in Camperdown on September 5. He will join us again for the function at Heavitree Gap Outback Lodge in Alice Springs on the 10th and for the ride to Glen Helen Resort the following day. Inspirational words from Angry....

 "Having dealt with depression most of my life and having made a decision years ago to be part of the solution not part of the problem as a basic philosophy to live my life by,..I am proud to be an ambassador to the Black Dog Ride and for any efforts to free sufferers from the grip of depression that the organisation makes in the future,..together we are the solution,..together we can beat this shadowy monster that stalks us,...join hands brothers and sisters .,for together we are strong,..”Angry Anderson, AM